Ao Chau Pond- A Potential Ecotourism Destination in Phu Tho

Published:  15:05 Thursday - December 29, 2011

Ao Chau Pond becomes more beautiful and attractive when local people have been growing many types of fruit trees for the last few years. Nowadays, the pond is considered a potential attraction of the land of Hung Kings, which draws the attention of tourists in Vietnam travel.

Ao Chau Pond, as its name goes, looks like a blue sparkling orient pearl. The Pond lies within the area of three communes Am Thuong, Am Ha, Y Son, in Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province.


Ao Chau Pond- A Potential Ecotourism Destination in Phu Tho

Ao Chau Pond comprises 300 hectares of water surface, covering by hundreds of islands of different sizes. The water level always remains at 3 meters deep, so the water there is fresh and is home to several marine species such as tortoise and turtle. Especially, local people have made this site more attractive by growing many fruit trees such as jackfruit, pomelo, longan, litchi, etc.

In 2001, Phu Tho province has approved the detail planning for Ao Chau Pond tourist site with the total area of 1.500 hectares. A feasible project has also been set up to make Ao Chau pond an eco-tourist site with such activities as: resort, rowing, fishing, mountain climbing, etc.


Ao Chau Pond- A Potential Ecotourism Destination in Phu Tho


In near future, Au Chau tourist site will become an attractive destination, promoting the development of the region in terms of economy, culture, and society. Besides, Au Chau also promotes the development of handicraft villages, the production and consumption of goods, especially souvenirs as well as development of various forms of service.

Coming to Ao Chau Pond, tourists in Vietnam travel will take chance to enjoy the fresh atmosphere; enjoy the tasty fruits, and delicious dishes.


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