Admire Sapa in the winter

Published:  10:14 Wednesday - February 03, 2016

In the winter, everyone often hesitates to take a travel as the weather is very cold and dry. However, it is very wonderful and ideal to travel on winter for it has some special and interesting things to see and enjoy in the winter.

In the winter, traveling to Sapa is always the most interesting and exciting thing to do. Sapa is located in the Northern mountainous area of Vietnam. Each period of time, Sapa will have different specialities to offer tourists. Especially, visiting Sapa in the winter will be the most attractive and unforgettable experience. To enjoy all of the specialities of Sapa on winter, you should take the trip from December to February. It is the most suitable time to visit Sapa in order to enjoy the weather as well as the landscapes in Sapa.

Vietnam has the tropical monsoon climate, so it is not easy to see snow falling in the winter. Sapa is the unique place in Vietnam that we can admire snow as in the European countries. On the coldest days with a very low temperature, there is snow dropping in Sapa. Snow covers trees and roads and everything in Sapa. Tourists visiting Sapa on this occasion will have a chance to play with snow and enjoy a very cold weather. Sometimes, when the temperature is at a very low level, visitors will take the chance to admire ice and even freezing rain in Sapa . At that time, all of the landscapes in Sapa are frozen and nothing can be displayed.

In addition, visiting Sapa in the winter, tourists will have more chance to carry out homestay with Sapa people. In the house of each family on winter, they often fire with a lot of woods in the house, everyone will gather together around the fire. While that, they will tell stories of the tribes and drink Can wine. The atmosphere is very warm and happy. Tourists coming to Sapa often take homestay with people in Sapa and enjoy the simple and friendly life with them. Sapa people is very honest and enthusiastic, they are always wiling to let you stay in their house if asked. This brings tourists fantastic and unforgettable experience. Moreover, tourists will have an opportunity to taste traditional foods in Sapa and learn how to cook them.

Last but not least, taking photos of landscapes and children in Sapa is one of the most interesting things to do in Sapa. Children with naive and bright faces in colorful clothes always attract the camera of many tourists. Besides it, natural landscapes in Sapa is also a wonderful thing to discover. In particular, the landscapes of terraces and tea fields that you can only find in the mountainous area will bring a completely new experience. 

Let's come to Sapa to discover and experience its specialty. It is really an idea destination to travel and carry out homestay. Sapa always has a lot of special and interesting things to attract tourists and tourists only need to come and enjoy it.

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