A pristine and poetic beauty at Dieu Thanh Waterfall

Published:  10:16 Monday - July 23, 2012

Dieu Thanh Waterfall has won kudos for its pristine and poetic beauty. Visiting the waterfall, any tourist is sure to be charmed by the wild flowers splashing out in all different colors, birds sing welcome the new day in full chorus and the crystal clear water shimmers under a vast blue sky.

The Waterfall is located on Dak Tit Stream, the natural border between Nhan Co Commune (Dak R'lap District) and Quang Tan Commune (Tuy Duc District), of Dak Nong Province, about 220km from HCM City centre.

It is also called as Lieng Nung in the local M'nong language, Dieu Thanh has been stood in the middle of mountain and forest since time immemorial, despite many changes of the surrounding scene and natural environment. Besides the biggest water column, which comes down from the height of 30m, the waterfall also includes some small other water columns, creating a thin mist that cools down the temperature at the foot of the rocky mountain. In the still of the night, the sound of the crashing water can be heard from over 2 kilometers away as it reverberates through the surrounding mountains and forests.

When standing on the summit of the waterfall, the visitors can admire a part of the magnificent mountain and forest of the Central Highlands. Under the falls, there are some deep grottoes and inside them there have many large and smooth rocks for tourists to take a short rest. The tourists can also swim in the cool current, lie on the green carpet of grass beside the stream bank, or relax under the shade of the giant old trees and take in the untouched scenery. A hike to explore the dense forests on either side of the stream is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. During the wet season between May and September, the tourists in Vietnam travel can easily net fish from the stream to cook with wild bamboo shoots.

At the foot of the falls, M'nong and Ma ethnic people's villages welcome the tourists in Vietnam tours who want to stay for a night. By the campfire, the visitors can sing and dance with the locals. And no one should refuse the ruou can (wine in a jar) drunk through a communal straw.Tastin a dinner of local specialties is a great way to converse with the villagers about the local culture and history.
With its romantic and poetic beauty, Dieu Thanh not only attracts the tourists in Dak Nong Province but also in other provinces and foreign tourists.
Source: vnexplore.com
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