A Closer look at the largest Khmer temple in Vietnam

Published:  08:25 Monday - February 25, 2013

Located in Vam Ray hamlet, Ham Tan Commune, Tra Cu District, Tra Vinh Province, Vam Ray Temple was formally inaugurated on 22 May, 2010. This is Vietnam's largest Khmer Temple where the Khmer Buddhist meets each other and cultivates mind.

For Khmer, Buddhism is a part of life. Therefore, they created a vibrant culture associated with Buddhism in the southern land. The temple is the center of religious, culture and spirit activities of the community so it was built meticulously with delicate carvings and curved sharp roofs.

Like many Southern Khmer temples, Vam Ray temple was built under Cambodia's Angkor architecture. Vam Ray temple has two levels of wide yard which are coated with cement and surrounded the main hall. The roof has three levels, each one is divided into three folds, the middle fold is larger, 2 others are equal smaller.

Get inside the hall, you will be overwhelmed by the appearance and splendor with colors imbued Khmer culture and influenced deeply by Indian culture.

Opposite to the main hall is pillars with 5 heads Snake God Naga statue, used to light candles in celebrations, symbolizing the Dharma will enlighten humanity, to help people live well  as snakes. Entrance hall is very elaborately carved, combining the temple art style and folk art carving creating an ancient unique space.

All the details and patterns are meticulously carved in clay, put on one big table and plastered to pour into the mold. After then, they use the molds to create patterns for works.

Top art is shown in unique motifs such as the dome roofs, walls, and stairs, as the four sides of Maraprum Saint statue is the predecessor of the Brahma.

The dome roofs and the stairs are carved with motifs of snake god Naga because there is a notion that compassion of the Buddha tamed this dangerous animal.

“Year aggressive statue” is a symbol of evil but it is kept in the temple and is considered as a symbol of good things because Khmer believe that the Buddha has won it to protect the peace of the people.

In traditional occasion of Chol - Chnam – Thmay or some festivals, you will have the chance to listen to sa-dăm drum sounds. All people wear new clothes. The girls wear colorful sarong and the boys bring props to serve for the festival. They walk, dance Sadam drum and bring exciting sounds for the countryside.


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