VN selects its national flower

Published:  17:55 Thursday - March 14, 2013

VN selects its national flower

he Prime Minister has approved the proposal of selecting Viet Nam’s national flower submitted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Pink lotus

In Document No. 104 dated March 11, the PM has assigned the Ministry to direct and coordinate with relevant agencies to collect public opinions and consider methods of selecting and honoring the national flower. 

Being the national flower, the selected one must be indigenous to the country, found in most provinces, reflect the culture, ethos and spirit of the Vietnamese people, have a beautiful shape, color and fragrance, and possess commercial value. 

Besides, it should be commonly found, related to important cultural events, mentioned in literary and artistic works, and celebrated by most people. 

Some candidates included pink lotus, yellow apricot, bamboo, peach blossom, areca, orchid tree, rice flowers and waterlilly. In addition to being beautiful, the fact that these flowers are often considered rare and delicate can help convey special meaning to any recipient.

In the past years, the Ministry has conducted a number of meetings and seminars, organised polls across the country to collect public opinions by direct vote and via the Internet. The lotus led the internet poll with 62.1% of total votes. 

The lotus symbolizes purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, wealth, richness, knowledge and serenity. The flowers are available in white and pink colors. 

The pink lotus, symbolising cultural character, national spirit and Vietnamese will, has long been the inspiration for countless festivals, poems, songs as well as typical architecture throughout Vietnam


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