Travelling Singapore with less than 100.000 VND

Published:  23:02 Wednesday - June 05, 2013

Travelling Singapore with less than 100.000 VND

Tiger Airways airline with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has announced the quite attractive promotion program

The Program of Singapore Discovery officially kicked off on May 30th on the occasion of 8-year anniversary of putting route into operation between Vietnam and Singapore, with the aim of introducing the outstanding entertainment experiences that Vietnamese visitors have been experienced in Singapore.

From June 3, the organization will offer the program of promotional fares lasting one week at a price of 88,000 VND/ flight from HCMC and 688.000 VND from Hanoi for the flight  Vietnam-Singapore. From June 3 to 9 is the time to book fares for every flights from October 9 to November 30 this year

STB also introduced the program of 8 unique features taking you to Singapore for the purpose of introducing Lion Island, lasting 8 weeks.

The contest of Singapore Discovery is also released on Facebook: YourSingapore Vietnam from June 10.

First round of the competition will last 8 weeks with the aim of finding 8 explorers. It means that each week, there will be an explore hornored as a winner of the week. 8 lucky winners will have the opportunity to experience Singapore with Ambassador of the program.

Access the website of Tiger Airways for more information about this promotion program.

Translated by Nguyen Hao
Source: Infonet 

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