Loney Planet: Hanoi among Top 10 greatest street food cities

Published:  14:37 Friday - June 07, 2013

Loney Planet: Hanoi among Top 10 greatest street food cities

Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi was listed in the top 10 walking tours for globetrotting foodies by lonelyplanet.com in April.

Vibrant sidewalk stores at Hanoi

Normally, Hanoi tours will begin at the bustling Chau Long market that is located in Hanoi’s labyrinthine Old Quarter before visiting places that serve local street food, including beef noodle soup, pancake.. The culinary tour will end at Café Duy Tri, located at 43A Yen Phu Street in Tay Ho District for a special flavor, Sua Chua Ca Phe (coffee with yoghurt) to enjoy and discover the Hanoi coffee culture, said lonelyplanet.com.

Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guide book publisher, was recently sold by BBC Worldwide to Kentucky billionaire Brad Kelley's NC2 Media for US$75 million. In July 2009, the company changed its name from Lonely Planet Publications to Lonely Planet. Moreover, Hanoi was also named by CNN as one of 10 most intriguing street food cities in Asia in March.

The website introduced the top 10 Hanoi street foods, including noodle, grilled pork noodle, freshwater crab noodles, barbecue chicken (grilled chicken wings and feet), and sticky rice..

Compiled by Nguyen Hao

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