Lai Vung Mandarin Garden

Published:  10:42 Saturday - December 31, 2016

Lai Vung Mandarin Garden

Lai Vung mandarin garden awaits tourists Dao Loan By Dao Loan in Dong Thap Tourists admire mandarin trees laden with fruit at a garden of Ms. Phuong who shared with the Daily that recently there have been an increased number of tourists who come to the locality to admire and take photos of the mandarin gardens.

Lai Vung district in Dong Thap province is a popular tourist destination thanks to its rich culture and beautiful nature. Its mandarin gardens particularly attract tourists.

Nestled between the Tien and Hau rivers, Lai Vung district is blessed with a rich soil and abundant sources of fresh water. It's juicy and sweet mandarins are famous nationwide, especially red mandarins, which were first planted in the region in the early 20th century. Lai Vung is called the “Kingdom of red mandarins”. 

Truong Thi Nen, a local farmer said “Only three communes in our district have the special clay for growing red mandarins. Blessed by nature, Lai Vung has much more favorable conditions for growing them than elsewhere mandarins”.

Harvest time is the best time of the year for the locals and visitors. Tourists are invited to join local farmers and traders in harvesting. Some farmers have cooperated with travel companies to develop ecotourism and experience tours. Visiting the mandarin gardens and listening to amateur southern singing is an unforgettable experience.

Gardens of ripening mandarins attract many photographers who want to capture some beauties of the southern region.

Local mandarins are one of the most sought-after products during Tet or traditional lunar New Year festival. 

Nguyen Huu Hieu, a researcher in southern culture said “For Vietnamese people, red and pink are favorite colors during Tet. That’s why Lai Vung’s red mandarins are favored.”

Visitors to Lai Vung’s mandarin gardens seem to get lost in a fairy garden with magnificent images of nature.


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