Cable car aims to attract more tourists to Sapa

Published:  18:46 Thursday - June 06, 2013

Cable car aims to attract more tourists to Sapa

A cable car from Sapa town in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai to Fansipan Mountain will be developed in an effort to lure more visitors to the cloudy town.

The provincial People’s Committee Chairman has decided to set up a working group that will coordinate with investors in implementing this project.

Director of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment Dang Thanh Phong, who is also group leader, said that once operational in 2014, the cable car route will not only create more tourism products for Sa Pa but also lure more tourists to the town, Hoang Lien National Park and Fansipan peak.

At present, only several hundreds of tourists register to climb to Fansipan peak per month.

The project is divided into two phases, with the first being commenced later this year, focusing on developing the cable car system and culture-tourism complex. The second phase will build hotels and recreational centres.

The project is invested by the Fansipan Sapa cable tourism company, which has ever built a cable car to Ba Na Hill.


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