Bustling atmosphere for upcoming Tet holiday

Published:  04:12 Saturday - February 02, 2013

Bustling atmosphere for upcoming Tet holiday

In the days leading up to the Tet holiday, especially at the weekends, most of Da Nang’s big markets, supermarkets and trade centres are crowded with shoppers. Taking advantage of the wide variety of goods available along with the eye-catching displays, local people choose and purchase essential goods for their families ready for the upcoming holiday.

At a BigC Mall clothing store, Mrs Mai Thi Hong Van, a local resident, showed interest in buying beautiful and correctly-sized clothes for herself because Tet was nearly here. 

Recent days have seen a significant increase in purchases of beverages.  In addition, Tet traditional processed food, including lap xuong (sausages), cha lua (pork bologna), gio thu (paste made from pig’s head meat), cu kieu (pickled spring onions), dua mon (pickle made from carrot, daikon and green papaya), and tai heo (pickled pigs’ ears), are being sold in local markets and trade centres with prestigious Vietnamese brand names.    

The city’s Co.op Mart is launching 3 large-scale promotion programmes which focus on household appliances and children’s clothes. 

A cashier at Co.op Mart said that her supermarket was seeing a 30 - 40% increase in customer purchasing. She added that the best-selling items were beer, wine, soft drinks, candies, cakes, food and wrapped gifts.

The Co.op Mart Director, Mr Vo Hoang Anh, said that due to this year’s global economic difficulties, his supermarket was actively involved in local market price stabilisation programmes from Vietnam travel guide. He added that company was offering goods at favourable prices for local workers at the city’s Hoa Khanh and An Don industrial parks, as well as for poor people in the remote mountainous communes of Hoa Ninh and Hoa Bac.

This year, Da Nang’s large distributors - Metro, Co.op Mart, BigC, and Intimex - have spent 55 billion VND, 50 billion VND, 23 billion VND and 27.2 billion VND respectively on stockpiling essential goods in order to meet the increasing customer demands for Tet. 

More than 5,000 small traders in the city's 8 largest markets now have goods for Tet available, worth approximately 100 billion VND in total. 

The city’s Han Market is now seeing a growing number of domestic and export orders of Tet products.


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