Discover Hanoi seasonal flowers

Published:  09:20 Tuesday - July 26, 2016

Discover Hanoi seasonal flowers

Hanoi is one of the most attractive places with beautiful landscapes, delicious street food, friendly people and low cost for your trip. Hanoi has four different seasons and each season has own special flower that is considered a symbol of this season. Let’s discovery the seasonal flower all year around in Hanoi.

1. January – Bright peach blossoms and aromatic coriander flowers (Hoa đào)

In spring, peach blossoms show their light pink petals in the drizzling rain. First, peach blossoms appear on old bicycles and florists carry spring behind them. Coriander branches are presented for sale around the market. On New Year’s Eve, each family member has a bath with aromatic coriander branches to wash away the unlucky things from the old year and greet a happy new year.


2. February – Purple ban flowers (Hoa ban tím)

Although ban flowers do not originate in Hanoi, this flower has been popular in the capital city for a long time. In spring, purple ban flowers bloom in the streets for three weeks before falling.


3. March – white sua flowers (Hoa sưa)

When walking along streets, travelers realize that trees are carpeted with white flowers. It is the season of sua flowers. In March, streets are embellished with white sua flowers and this is also the season for birds to build their nests.


4. April – Beautiful Lillies (Hoa loa kèn)

The flower season comes and goes so fast that sometimes people may not even realize it. At every corner, from poorly furnished houses to villas or rattled bicycles to luxurious cars, in porcelain or crystal vases, lily flowers are modest and noble.


5. May – Purple lagerstroemia and red flamboyant flowers (Phượng vĩ, bằng lăng)

May is the special flower season of students and the season of exams and farewells from school. When lagerstroemia flowers bloom brightly in the streets. When lagerstroemia flowers have faded, flamboyant flowers are vibrantly spreading their red color in the sunshine.


6. June – Striking Lotus flowers (Sen)

From half past four, florists sail boats in the pond to pick up the most beautiful lotus flowers. Some of these flowers will be sold in the market, others will be kept with fresh tealeaves and the rest will be separated to get pistils for making the tea. In the ponds, light lotus petals are spreading their fragrance. On summer mornings, travel to the lotus pond to breathe in the scent of lotus flowers, make lotus tea or enjoy its taste in the peaceful ambiance of the West lake.


7. July – Fragrant dracontomelum and aragonite flowers (Hoa sấu)

In July the  first dracontomelum flowers bloom and fall in streets. You may not recognize their smell because of many other aromas in streets. However, the sweet flavors of dracontomelum flowers and aragonite flowers are floating in the air.


8. August – Returning to childhood with clausena flowers (Hoa dâu da xoan)

The reason why this flower has such a long name is unexplainable; however, they appear in many streets in Hanoi. When it rains, flowers fill the streets. On a summer afternoon, bunches of white clausena flowers are reflected in the sky.


9. September – Milk flower season (Hoa sữa)

In autumn, it is time for milk flower season. The smell of milk flowers spreads around corners – gently but passionate. Every year, in September, blooming milk flowers mark the coming autumn.


10. October – Lotus fading, daisy blooming (Hoa cúc)

A flower, which is typical for autumn, is the daisy. This flower marks the sign of an upcoming winter. Daisy can be kept fresh for many days. They bring the sadness of autumn behind flower bicycles in crowded streets.


11. November – Forget-me-not flowers (Lưu ly)

Filling up bicycle baskets, forget-me-not flowers are carried around the streets on cold winter days. This delicate flower has a strong life. Forget-me-not flowers only appear in the streets for about two weeks, before the cold winds of winter leave the streets deserted.


12. December – Mustard flowers by the river (Hoa cải)

Hanoi has a special flower in the cold winter days: mustard flowers. At the end of November, mustard flowers carpet the entire corner of gardens with their yellow color. They sway lightly in the wind, on hair and in the hands of brides.

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