5 tasty food you should try when visiting Halong

Published:  08:13 Thursday - November 23, 2017

5 tasty food you should try when visiting Halong

Halong is considered as an ideal destination not only by dreamlike landscape but also by dozens of tasty food processed with special recipe.

1. Seafood noodle soup

 Mentioning seafood noodle soup, you may think about Hai Phong immediately, but in Halong, with unique flavor: sweet, aromatic and nutritious, this kind of food is not less delicious than that of Hai Phong. 

Seafood noodle soup, a popular dish in Ha Long

A bowl of seafood noodle soup has shrimp, fried fish, crab meat, squid, tofu, water parsley and herbs. The nutritious food can be found in everywhere in Halong, from luxury restaurants to stalls and vendors. 

2. Sam (Horseshoe crab) 

Horseshoe crab is processed to be various tasty dishes such as pudding crab, crab salad, sweet and sour crab legs, fried eggs and crab, steam crabs, and so on. Diverse menu for this kind of seafood is always awaiting visitors in Halong, and, especially, fresher than you can get anywhere else.  The price for horseshoe crab is not cheap, a dish of horseshoe crab is about 150.000VND. 

3. Fried snail

Visiting Halong, you are supposed to enjoy various dishes from snail to explore Halong cuisine. Fried snail is favourite food of locals due to tasty and affordable price, about 35.000 VND, depending on species and season. 

Snail can be processed to various tasty dishes

It is suggested that you should go to sidewalks booth or vendor to have better taster and more comfortable. Snail fried with tamarinds, coconut, soy sauce is very attractive and perfect flavor. 

4. Clam porridge 

Clam porridge is popular and favourite snack in Halong. This porridge has certainly special taste due to ingredient of sea clam, quite different from clam living in freshwater and river. 

This dish is eaten with scallion, crispy fried shallot, coriander, eryngium foetidum and other herds. Tasty clam porridge can be found in every corner of Halong, mainly in Halong No. 1 and Halong No.2 market. Price for a bowl is 15.000 VND – 20.000 VND. 

5. Rolled rice pancake with squid sausage. 

Squid sausage is in the top 50 specialties in Vietnam that make Halong the worthy place to visit. Squid sausage goes perfectly well with rolled rice, a traditional food of Vietnamese people.  

One of 50 specialities in Vietnam, rolled rice pancake with squid sausage


Rolled rice pancake with squid sausage sauce is the combination of sour (of lemon) and spicy (of chili peppers).The dish has the best taste when it has just been made, use with crispy fried shallot on top. 

You can find this special food in every stores and stalls around Halong City, Halong Market as well.  

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