The top water sports in Nha Trang

Published:  07:06 Tuesday - August 30, 2016

Mother land gives Nha Trang a long and beautiful beach with white and and blue sea. Moreover, Nha Trang beach is a paradise for water sport activities. Let’s find the top list of water sports that you should try when traveling to Nha Trang.


Traveling to Nha Trang, Vietnam, you are advisable to try a unique kind of water sport: flyboard. As many explorers in the world may wish to attain amazing life-changing experiences, flyboard is supposed to be a perfect choice. Being a sophisticated and state of the art invention originally from a French water-craft rider, Franky Zapata, flyboard is expected to bring you an awesome feeling of conquering the blue horizon. Further different from many kinds of water sport, it was designed to include a board attached to technological devices so that you are boosted over the sea by water streams. It’s truly the right moment you can make your dream of being a superhero come true! Keep balance, find freedom, and discover the horizon in front of your eyes. Right after this sport is under your control, you will be taught to dive into the sea and do stunts like a dolphin.



Your tour will lack the true fascination if there is no parasailing – one of the must try water sports in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. It’s possible to say that here is also a thrilling and bold game for brave people. You will be provided with basic techniques and tips on how to parasail. Remember to be as relaxed as possible at the beginning of the game! There is a supporter on the ground to help you check your gear by the time takeoff. As soon as the boat driver gets the signal of starting, he will be slow to accelerate until the slack lines are stretched. At that time, you along with your supporter take some steps ahead. Everything takes place very quickly, so it’s advised that you should take time to contemplate the magnificent landscapes at a height.

Water skiing

It’s known that water skiing is not a popular water sport in the water areas of Nha Trang. However, if you wish to try, there will be much coordination applied. There is no doubt that it brings you the impressive pleasure while you’re standing on a board to surf the water. If this sport is in your control, you will get freedom to easily guide through the water surface and play with the waves’ rhythm. It’s truly an exciting feeling!

Sea walking

Compared with scuba diving, sea walking – among must try water sports in Nha Trang is seemingly preferred because of its convenience; it has been more and more popular in Vietnam. There is no need for complex gear, but sea walking still lets tourists enjoy the perfect scenery of colorful fish and coral reefs just by a special helmet. Especially, they will be led to stunning spots into the sea, including an ancient junk sunk 20 years ago, fish caves, and a rock garden with corals. It will be a unforgettable experience absolutely!

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is taken into account as a remarkable water sport for people desiring to admire and learn the ecosystem into the sea, such as beautiful colored fishes and exotic coral reefs. The water areas of Nha Trang will be ideal for your exploration as they’re featured unique sea creatures and miraculous scenes of the marine life.


It’s great to experience feelings of riding a motorboat alone or with your friend. This water sport should be for those who are seeking thrills. Just with about 30 minutes, you will be provided all instructions on how to carefully take control of the boat. Definitely, the activity of controlling the motorboat to surf sea waves in Nha Trang will get you exhilarated.

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