Soc Trang’s Clay Pagoda Recognized as Cultural and Historical Relic of The Mekong River Delta

Published:  15:44 Friday - December 09, 2011

Pay a visit to Clay Pagoda, tourists in Vietnam travel can see 1,901 small and large Buddha statues and a great number of prayer objects made of clay. The pagoda is also well-known for having four pairs of giant candles that weigh 200kg each. They are 2.6m high, with a diameter of one metre.

Clay Pagoda is situated at the heart of Soc Trang City, with the original name of Buu Son Tu. From the outside, the pagoda looks like a resident house, without any pillar or wooden panel like typical pagoda architecture.

The pagoda known for its clay Buddha statues has been recognised as a historical and cultural relic of the Mekong Delta Province of Soc Trang.

Like the Tan Long Stock Garden, Clay Pagoda is another privately owned attraction in Soc Trang. Built by the Ngo family more than 200 years ago, the pagoda is now run by members of the family's fourth generation. Coming to the pagoda, visitors in Vietnam travel can see 1,901 Buddha statues, 200 animal statues, along with other worshipping items made of clay by Mr. Ngo Kim Tong during his 42 years of life. And his Ngo family will surprise you with many more stories during your visit to the Clay pagoda. You will soon find out that the pagoda also houses very special candles, each of which can be as heavy as 200kg and as tall as 2.6m. The pagoda patrol said that each candle will take about 70 yeas to burn.

Recently, Clay pagoda has become an attractive address for tourists joining tours to Vietnam to Soc Trang.

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