Nam Dinh - a beautiful landscape along with hiden charming and cultural value

Published:  12:33 Tuesday - December 06, 2011

Nam Dinh is a region with long history, culture, festival and nature, with Pho Minh, Co Le temple, Cat Dang lacquer village,Xuan Thuy national park, special soft green – lentil cake...

Nam Dinh is a region with long history and culture involved in such relics as Pho Minh temple and Co Le temple. The festival as Phu Giay, Ha Ky and Bao Loc have always happened yearly in here. It at the Kiep Bac – gio Cha pilgrimage, we will be beheld a huge arge of river Luc Dau with brimful of vitality to the water, then at Phu Giay – gio Me, you should be able to contemplate a blue – immenes sea of vitality to the earth. In Viet people’s mind inner feeling at the Red river was still maintained a mass of temples, churches located around Phu Giay area as Gieng temple, Goi temple and Kham Sai temple and so on.


Cat Dang lacquer village in Nam Dinh

Talking about home village where has been got famous in lacquer of the North, we must mention about Cat Dang lacquer village in Nam Dinh, where has longest life of history. Someone said that lacquer was still be chosen to decorate for mausoleums and imperial palaces, which made by talented hands of Cat Dang’s artisan.

Xuan Thuy national park in Nam Dinh province

Nam Dinh people are always proud of their land, where has biggest bird zoo in Vietnam. Located in Xuan Thuy’s flooded earth reserve, Ramsar is only place in Viet Nam, aside from a swamped area with 3.000 hectare of mangrove forest. This is very important in estuary’s ecosystem of the littortal. Xuan Thuy had recognized was a platform international birds for migration with more than 200 species, included nearly 100 species, for migration and over 50 species for migration and over 50 species of water birds by international ornithologist.

soft green – lentil cake

Beside, Nam Dinh is also famous in their traditional specialist with soft green – lentil cake (che kho). It could keep longer 10 – 15 days but still get good smell if we cook in strict accordance with recipes. This reason makes Nam Dinh people are unforgettable the soft green – lentil cake in festivals and New Year to their family.

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